Monday, August 11, 2014

Artist highlight: Designer Joshlyn Turner

Natural Allure Memoirs loves to showcase amazing people and their work, so you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to interview designer Joshlyn Turner. Joshlyn is the owner & creative director of
 The Write Fit, LLC, an innovative apparel for women and men, specializing in T-shirts that were made to fit your life right!
These T-shirts are perfect for the edgy chic girl in all of us!

T-shirts, tanks, and crop tops are available in sizes S-3XL.

 I was able to get an interview with Joshlyn to find out just how fashion has influenced her life & her line. Check it out below:
1. When did you fall in love with fashion?
  I fell in love with fashion when I entered my first thrift store with my grandmother.  Although she always made sure we had the cutest dresses and outfits from major department stores, it was something about entering a world of vintage that turned me on.  By no means do I strive to be a fashion icon.  But what I most admired about my grandmother, and still do, is that fashion is a self liberating feeling for her. And thats what I love about fashion, that it's yours.  It's your world!
2. Who/What was the inspiration for your line?
  Life is my inspiration for The Write Fit.  Having a background in theatre production, attending a performing arts high school, and always being passionate about writing, I always knew that creativity would be a part of my future.  But it wasn't until a few years ago, when I changed careers, that I found another passion...inspiring people.  I found a way to infuse the two off stage and The Write Fit was brought to life.  And that is what The Write Fit is about: Life.  My line will make you think about your life.  It might even make you laugh or want to fall in love.  The Write Fit hands you life in the most fashionable way. 
3. Do you plan on expanding your line with other apparel?
  I don't foresee an expansion with other apparel, but I am always open for the world of possibilities. For now, The Write Fit will continue to inspire people one t-shirt at a time.
4. As a designer what is something you would like consumers to know about you?
  I would like them to know that there is a story behind every t-shirt design.  There is a motivation that drives me to create catchy phrases and sayings.  I sit and think.  I observe... and then I write.  I want them to know that I strive to make fashionable shirts that encourage you the embrace life, all parts of it.
5. What can people expect from The Write Fit, LLC in the future?
  The future of The Write Fit has yet to be written... But we are here to stay!
6. Are there any shows or events you would like to let people know about?
 Saturday August 23, 2013 The Write Fit will be showcasing at The Bank Sale Streetwear and Sneaker Expo at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.  And then on Sunday August 24, 2014 our apparel will rip the runway in the Life's a Label Charity Fashion benefiting AIDS at Somewhere Loud San Diego, CA.
Inspiration is what I live for and to be able to wear it is even better The Write Fit, LLC is not just a T-shirt line it's a way for people to express themselves in a positive way. Make sure you guys head over to to order your shirts now.

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